I've never been the kind of person who keeps friends easily. I can make them quickly enough, but keeping them is a whole other story. This has led to a lot of disappointment in my life--a lot of sadness--so trying to make myself and others feel good is important to me.

I have always loved the act of creating something. I write, I compose music, I scultp, I paint.... But it is often a lonely endeavor. By putting this Website out there in the world, I am hoping to bring my creative works to the masses and to make things a little less lonely for me.


A fellow creative.

Carsten and I have collaborated on quite a few projects. You will see more about them later. But he is one of the few people that stuck with a project for more than a week or two. I appreciate him for that!

Another fellow creative.

Kind of a solitary guy who doesn't like to put himself out there, but he's been a loyal friend and is helping me with a game app called "Shameless Cash Grab." You'll want to hear more about that one!