LI/First Films

    We started out mostly with independent films, and expanded from there. The films we do are ecclectic (you'll hear that word a lot with the things that I do.) I like comedy, drama, thrillers, and--oh, the list goes on! Right now I am working on a project called "Shipwrecked." It's a famly friendly, romantic comedy/drama. You'll see more about that on the site.


    Half Inferno Half Frost is my band. I've been teaching myself to write music for the last several years, and I've gotten a good number of songs together. Look here for Half Inferno Half Frost music and my other songs!
Half Inferno Half Frost

Dual Youtubers

    A project with Carsten Glans. We had some good times making this short-lived video series. A lot of learning went on with this channel too! We learned that Google has NO IDEA what to do with Youtube, except to make it a much harder platform on which to make money for the creators. SIGH....

Juvenile Antics

    Carsten and I have our own channels. He does a lot of video game playthroughs, survival, and, vlogging videos. Roy (that's me!) has a number of videos on many subjects. I like to experiment!